Amy Kurzatkowski - Charitable Pharmacies leadership

Amy Kurzatkowski


Amy Kurzatkowski is the Area Director of Pharmacy Continuity of Care for Ascension Health, managing 10 community pharmacies from the Northeast to Tennessee. These Community pharmacies are “mix” pharmacies having a charitable component within each one.  Since graduating from the University of Connecticut, Amy has been involved with community pharmacy for her entire career. Previously to her current position, Amy opened and managed an Outpatient Pharmacy at St. Vincent’s in Bridgeport, CT and supervised the Hope Dispensary of Great Bridgeport, a charitable pharmacy.  Amy is one of the  founding board members of Charitable Pharmacies of America and currently serves as the Treasurer.   Amy enjoys teaching and was a preceptor while at CVS & St. Vincent’s for both IPPE/APPE students, as well as residents.  She created the first existent PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency in Connecticut with Ascension while at St. Vincent’s serving as the Residency Program Director. Today, Amy continues to be a virtual preceptor for residents.